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DigiD VoIP Hosting Beta

DigiD Cloud Hosted VoIP is coming along great! In fact all of FikesMedia operations have moved over to the new system and are operating nicely. We will be opening up the solution for those early adopters that are interested in saving money on VoIP even earlier than general availability soon, so please contact sales at (409) 877-4220 if you are interested. You may qualify for an early adopter discount.

DigiD Hosted VoIP Benefits from On Premises

  • 100% Encrypted Communications
  • Network Configuration Agnostic
  • Location Independence
  • Remote Employes Function Locally

Give FikesMedia a call if you are interested.

VoIP Phones

Open VoIP and the Projects Surrounding it

Open VoIP is a generic term given to open source voice over IP solutions. We firmly believe that open source software is the best software and provides limitless potential and customization to the end user all while coming in at a fraction of the cost.

We want to be an enabler of open source software giving our customers the support they need to take advantage of the power it offers without the fear of change.