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The need for open source knowledgeable consultants in education.

Ask anyone in any administrative position in education what are the top three issues they struggle with, cost reduction will come up most every time. In Texas in particular districts are having more responsibilities and more requirements pushed down upon them, all the while the state is giving less and less resources to implement these programs. Anything that can make an impact on the bottom line has to be evaluated. Information technology departments are generally looked at as a source of spending. With open source solutions this perception can be changed.

Most schools are using open source in their environment and do not even realize it. Have any Chromebooks? Guess what, they are running Linux. Pretty awesome right? Google must thing so.

Less and less are the proprietary solutions needed, or even desired. When was the last time you fired up a native application on your primary machine to work on a task . . . or did you open the web browser up to begin. So, why are we paying for licensing for a platform we do not want to use? Home much was your Microsoft licensing last year? Did you know that Amazon uses Linux on all their servers, all of them. If virtualization is a need, KVM is built right in to every Linux kernel. Containerization needs, how about ContainerD and Docker. Need a directory, but want Active Directory compatibility, Samba 4 gives you this, even uses the same group policy management tools developed by Microsoft.

I'm not saying that solutions like Windows Server and VMWare are bad, but that their feature sets are no longer the industry leaders. OVirt, OpenIPA, and Linux in general have more features and at a fractions of the price, there is just a lack of those experienced enough to offer these solutions passing the savings along.

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