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Open VoIP and the Projects Surrounding it

Open VoIP is a generic term given to open source voice over IP solutions. We firmly believe that open source software is the best software and provides limitless potential and customization to the end user all while coming in at a fraction of the cost. This is possible only due to the dedicated individuals that spend their time creating these solutions and those partners that support the products either through technical support or financially. At FikesMedia we support open source both technically and financially. Open source is a key pillar in our offerings and we want to make sure that these projects are getting the recognition they deserve. That is why you will never see us obfuscating what product we are using.

With our VoIP offerings we provide on premises, and soon cloud hosted solution built around FusionPBX, which itself is using many other open source projects. Let's introduce them.

FreeSWITCH is a software defined telecom stack enabling the digital transformation from proprietary telecom switches to a versatile software implementation that runs on any commodity hardware. FreeSWITCH powers most IP telephony products both in SAAS and traditional systems. It is a mature product with thousands of people and corporations continuously developing and furthering its feature sets. If you currently have VoIP, chances are its using FreeSWITCH somewhere.

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system with over 30 years of active development and is second to none when it comes to features and stability. Capable of failover, HA setups and even JSON storage for NoSQL functionality. Always a great choice.

PHP is the most popular language on the internet and used as the preferred language by all hosting providers. This is what the user interface and database interactions are built with. Also this is the language if you want to contribute back with patches or plugins you would use.

NGINX is the feature rich web server that dethroned Apache as the most popular web server, and has some amazing capabilities not even being utilized in the setup. It is amazing and I cannot say enough good things about it as a long time Apache user.

IPTables is an open source firewall with development starting all the way back in 1998 and is used in countless appliances and applications. Stable, predictable, and feature rich.

Fail2Ban is an automatic protection suite to stop malicious attempts directly integrating with IPTables. Written using Python, another open source language.

As you can see open source software is a community of those supporting each other and contributing back to better all projects involved. What does this have to do with open VoIP? A lot actually, it is the open portion. These projects power it, and FikesMedia would like to shine the light they and their developers deserve.

We want to be an enabler of open source software giving our customers the support they need to take advantage of the power it offers without the fear of change. If you are interested in starting a conversation about how open source VoIP can change your environment, or if you just have questions, contact us today.

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