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Up to 90% Savings Over Proprietary Solutions

In recent conversions from proprietary solutions, our customers are saving up to 90% over the competitor, and that is not just on hardware. Utilizing the industry standard FreeSwitch, FusionPBX is designed form the ground up to be disruptly effective in any installation size. Able to scale from small business with minimal extensions to full call center driven business like WestPark Communications in Houston Texas. VoIP will save you capital allowing you to mobilize your office and virtualize the work environment.

Cost Comparrison

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Cost do not include the cost of VoIP handsets. This price can vary drasticly depending on need.
Location Cloud Hosted On Premises Cloud Hosted
Per Extension $20.99-$38.49 $79.00 $24.95-$39.95
70 Extension $2,694.30/Mo $5,530/1 Time $2,021.50/Mo
Simultaneous Calls Per Channel / Varies $30.00 Per Channel Per Channel / Varies
20 Call Channels Varies $600.00 Varies
Auto Attendant Included Included Included
Internet Faxing Not Included Not Available Not Available
DID Per Month Included $1.50 $5.00-$25.00
30 DIDs Included $45.00 $350.00
Conferencing 8-100 Party Not Included Not Included
Total Monthly $2,694.30 $600.00 $2,371.50
Total Year One $32,331.60 $13,270.00 $28,458.00

FikesMedia Open VoIP with FusionPBX

Office Phone

On Premisis and Cloud Hosted

Giving you the flexability and feature set needed depending on your specific business needs. Cost do not include the cost of VoIP handsets. This price can vary drasticly depending on need. Cost per minute is not calculated in the chart below, but averages to $0.01 Per/Minute. For more information please contact us.
On Premisis Cloud Hosted *
PBX Hardware $299.00-$599.00 $19.99/Mo
Per Extension $0.00 $2.00/Mo
70 Extension $0.00 $140.00/Mo
20 Call Channels $0.00 $0.00
Auto Attendant Included Included
Internet Faxing Included Included
DID Per Month $1.50 $1.50
30 DIDs $45.00 $45.00
Support Per Ticket/HR Per Ticket/HR
Total Monthly $45.00 $204.99
Total Year One As Low As $839.00 As Low As $2,459.88
* Cloud hosted solutions in beta a not available for purchase until Q2 2020. Handset hardware must be purchased through FikesMedia for proper configuration and setup. Pricing subject to change.

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